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About RCI

Resident Check-In is an easy-to-use friendly check-in service...

Our state-of-the-art service allows your residents to conveniently check in each day with a simple phone call, without the need to talk with you or your staff! Our service also calls out to check up on those residents who forget to call in. We provide you with peace of mind via up-to-the-minute reports available over the web. It's just that easy!

Resident Check-In provides you with several simple ways to get information out to your residents...

  • Personal Messages - You can record a personal message for a specific resident to hear during check-in.
  • Daily Announcements - You can record an announcement for all residents to hear during check-in.
  • Bulletin Board Announcements - You can record daily and weekly activity information on a virtual bulletin board which all residents have the option of hearing during check-in.
  • Broadcast Announcements - You can record a special announcement to be delivered by calling out to all your residents at the time of your choosing. For example, you might want to inform everyone of a temporary power outage at your facility.
  • Priority Messages - You can record a special message to be delivered at the time of your choosing by calling out to those residents you select. For example, you might want to inform several people of a change of plans.
  • Emailing - You can have email sent at the time of your choosing to those residents you select. You can have the daily reports (including check-in and requested services) emailed out to your staff and individual departments each day as well.
  • Texting - You can have text messages sent at the time of your choosing to those residents you select, including inidividuals, an entire building or all residents.

We absolutely GUARANTEE Resident Check-In will...

  • Streamline your operation!
  • Lighten your workload!
  • Reduce your labor cost!
  • Save you countless hours!
  • Make your facility run like a well-oiled machine!

7 Solid Benefits for your facility!

  • Simple, fast & reliable!
  • Eliminates numerous interruptions!
  • No more worries about the status of your residents!
  • Fewer hassles!
  • Saves countless hours of wasted time spent checking on residents!
  • Frees up your staff for a smoother running operation!
  • THE BOTTOM LINE... Saves $$$

We want your business!
Every step of our service can be quickly and easily customized to meet your needs. We guarantee Resident Check-In will help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our service is easy, dependable and very user-friendly, and we'll do whatever it takes to make you happy!

Got Questions?
Please feel free to call 340.227.2426 to find a friendly, knowledgeable worldVOICE representative ready to assist you.
We look forward to your call.

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