Our service more than pays for itself through savings in staff time.
Savings Analysis: A Case Study

"The Security Department spends 95 minutes per night setting tabs. This number works out to be 578 hours per year. These figures are kept in the Security Log Book and are accurate when tabs are set under ideals conditions, i.e. no snow, ice, rain or fire/medical emergencies."

"Residents checking and calling in tabs spend 669 man-hours per year under ideal conditions. These figures have been reached by talking to residents that do the checks on a daily basis."

"Security Officers on the weekend spend up to 90 minutes per day receiving call-ins from residents checking tabs, another 30 minutes per day calling residents with tabs still in the "up" position, and checking on residents that do not answer the phone. This involves 312 man-hours per year on normal weekends and slightly higher numbers on holidays. These results were taken from the Security Department Daily Tab Log."

"Receptionist duties include making the vacation list, which takes on an average, 20 minutes per day. The Receptionist receives calls from residents reporting tabs for an average of 45 minutes per day. The Receptionist then must call residents with tabs up and do not appear on the vacation list for an average of 15 minutes per day. The above figures total 346.5 man-hours per year. Numbers were derived with the assistance of the Receptionist."

"From a safety standpoint, it is very dangerous for a Security Officer or a resident to be walking the campus late at night or early in the morning during winter months. Black ice appears everywhere on a normal basis."

"During the summer months, White Horse Village has residents performing these tasks during extreme heat, heavy rains and winds. All the above would be eliminated with automated check-in."

"Resident Check In eliminates the need for all the above-mentioned man-hours. The system also eliminates the possibility of human error. The man-hours spent on the tasks listed above could be spent providing a better and safer White Horse Village."

"In summary, the system will save White Horse Village time and money..."


- an internal analysis by White Horse Village
conducted before switching to our service
(reprinted with permission)

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